Check Point

It seems my present country of residence will not run out of controversies, tragedies, calamities. The new year started with stray bullets that hit and killed innocent children, then immediately after was a shooting spree some barangay away from where my wife's place, then immediately after was a shoot out - rub out according to some outspoken groups. Strange enough the place where this ...... out happened is someplace where my mother comes from.

Now comes a new controversy about bonuses, savings in the senate during the christmas holidays. Two prominent figures exchanging accusations over the public radio, i really wonder where our beloved country  is headed to? Fortunately thanks to my deep religious faith, my hopes and faith in this country remains.

Before i get lost, back to  my main topic, people are getting too paranoid about military and/or police check points nowadays, immediately after the shoot out incident. In my 16 years of stay in the African continent, military / police checkpoints was a way of  life.

I do  recall when i was stationed in Nairobi, i used to live somewhere behind the presidential palace, a place named kileleshwa. Checkpoints manned by uniformed military are everywhere. I did experience the nozzle of a long firearm being used to check  my luggage. In Madagascar, foreigners are required to bring along their passports as uniformed military checkpoints are located in various places. I remember driving my way home at 3 am in the morning and i had to go through at least two checkpoints. In Egypt , police and military check points is a way of life. In return of all these check points, these countries where i stayed had lower crime rates!

Approaching uniformed officers with side arms and long arms and anticipating your passing by  gives me a feeling of alertness and some sense of safety. Perhaps this is what our crime riddled country needs! Of course the majority feels violated of their rights whenever checkpoints is the issue. Given a choice between check points and high crime, obviously i would prefer the latter as i had gotten used to the idea. Its about time the majority accept the reality that check point visibility can be a solution to lessen our crime riddled country.