What a way to end the year

The Philippine economy went ballistic 2012 , the stock exchange index closed at 5,812.73 points with a year gain of 33 percent. The economy was also close to being upgraded to investment grade. According to economic experts, the much improved economic conditions in the country gained a high confidence level by foreign investors. The question is, does the country's poor masses really feel the supposed improved economy? Experts are quick to say that the poor will not "immediately" feel the positive impact of the improved economy. The question remains, then when?

We also watched with amusement a lot of high profile personalities being exposed of their alleged corrupt practices that involves large amounts of money.

Just the other day, i was watching a video that was released over the internet showing men in uniform grabbing over confiscated illegal firecrackers like children scrambling over candies from a broken clay pot. What a shame !

Tragedies by some strange reason has its unique way of saying goodbye to the year. Typhoon Pablo which had hit the southern part and devastated thousand of families and crops, and until the last minutes before the start of the new year 2013, very innocent children only wishing to enjoy the colored lights and sparklers hit by stray bullet due to indiscriminate firing. Why not the same bullets land on top of the heads for all those who fired their firearms indiscriminately in the air!

We welcome the 2013 with new hopes, new plans and new resolutions.Hoping that we can have lesser if not zero tragedies when we all again welcome the year 2014.


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