Bye second semester ends, Hello third semester

           As the school year 2013-2014 second semester has just ended, with all the paper works and grade submission deadlines done,  finally a much needed break is needed. I look forward to having a peaceful holiday at home with  Jimboh , avoid the maddening crowd at the mall , noise pollution and traffic.

          I contemplate on my self assessed performance, which i normally do every end of the semester,  i know i will  be better every time a  new semester  comes in.  The same way it took me 25 years to be good with what i used to do in my corporate work. I look back at my students who performed well and for those who did not perform. At the end of the day, it is their good future anyway. I have always reminded all my students that jobs have become highly intellectual and it is very important to be highly competitive. The training begins in the classroom. Gone are those earlier years  when  most jobs started at the factories. Service oriented jobs in the country is on the rise and only demands fresh graduates who can work together with highly competent employees.

        The second best thing for me after corporate life is being back in the university to teach. Though  there are moments when i miss corporate life, the many travels between countries, the airport stop overs and connecting flights, living in hotels, the endless travels between factories, the endless meetings, never ending emails and having to get ready at 3 am for early check outs and airport transfers.

       While my corporate life has ceased at least for the moment ( no regrets), i am back with the university  , and i am happy with burying myself with lots of text books and preparing my lesson plans. Helping my students to be "career ready" just gives me the same satisfaction as being in the real world.

       I look forward to finishing my Thesis I during the short break, enroll my Thesis II this coming January 2014 and just keep on leveling up my academic qualifications.

      Merry Christmas everyone !