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Why God Never Intended For Us To Fly Alone

Your Daily Dose of  *Motivational Quote * Inspirational Quote* *Happy Life Quote * and Success Quote* t o help you through your day with a positive frame of mind. (This post contains Affiliate Links:  Visit the  Disclosure  Page for more details:) WHY GOD NEVER INTENDED FOR US TO FLY ALONE A famous quote coming from Adam R. Holz (Daily Bread Author) says; Together we stand firm when life's headwinds gust our way together . Does this quote resonate well with you? In 2020, We all have witnessed how nations like South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Denmark fought the global virus. We have watched how their government and people became united, and how they successfully achieved possible results despite life’s headwinds such as COVID-19 which took the lives of millions of people across the globe. We also observed how people from other nations played the blame game while the repercussions were just too enormous. A government system that was thought to be stabl
I was driving at the usual evening hour along Ortigas heading home when i chanced upon a young man whose both legs are affected by polio and walks on the wet street using both arms, trying his best to survive the cold and wet weather and the cruel world where he is in. It was on a red light and this gave me enough time to observe him. Here i am sitting in the comfort of a vehicle and protected from the rain while i was watch him. It is a shame when we often complain about any inconvenience we encounter. I felt the Lord was talking to me, how lucky i am and how other people are suffering. Related articles Polio: Mutated virus breaches vaccine protection

Container Houses

Years ago, i had planned to build a container house on a lot i purchased at Pines Ville  beside the Philippine Military Academy. I was discussing with a house planner on how to construct my container house. Though it never materialized, i ended up selling the lot. (",) Link: This Rusty Shipping Container Seems Abandoned. But Look Inside…It’s Actually A Ravishing Home! : 'via Blog this'

Good Lesson

I learned a good lesson today. Ride the public transport instead of bringing your vehicle. The convenience of not having to commute cease to be. Paid or not paid parking is just a big head ache in this city. I wonder what the city government is doing to solve this problem. Or are they not doing anything at all? Rossano Salvosa Almonia University Professor College of Business Administration Garment for Export Executive 25 years Sent from my iPhone

The Adjunct Revolt: How Poor Professors Are Fighting Back - Elizabeth Segran - The Atlantic

Ever since i was involved with higher education, i realized how it feels to be on an "Adjunct Professor" status.Though i am one myself, i did not really mind as teaching remains to be a second passion at least for now. I can relate with some faculty members whom i have met that are young and on an adjunct status. Based on my observation a select few for personal reasons would prefer an adjunct status rather than being tenured with the university. However we still have the majority who are struggling to get tenured. The issue on student evaluation was also raised. The faculty whether being tenured or adjunct has the tendency to be over student friendly for fear of having poor student evaluation. I have noticed this too easily and coming from the corporate of 25 years,  i really never cared on how my own student evaluation comes out. My trademark according to a student of mine is being "professionally nice". I will not compromise quality education in exchange of be

Dolce and Gabbana sentenced in Italian tax-fraud case | ABS-CBN News

In other parts of the globe,  tax penalty applies to anyone, even if you are rich and famous. You feel comfortable paying taxes because you get to have even the most of basic services. Why? cannot this be applied in our part of the globe? Dolce and Gabbana sentenced in Italian tax-fraud case | ABS-CBN News : 'via Blog this'

My City of Pines

English: The replica of the Statue of Liberty in Camp John Hay in Baguio (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) After spending some time at home cleaning up whatever is left from my university papers,  and also spending some quality time with Jimboh  ( my 3 year old shih tzu was wondering why all of a sudden he has  24/7 tender loving care). I thought that perhaps today  Monday was a good day to take a walk along session road and pass by the supermarket for my grocery. Thinking that being the first day of the week and perhaps the afternoon rain will keep downtown more stress free. I was dead wrong and came to realize and accepted the fact  that the city downtown area  during daytime will always be full and congested. The city sidewalk is a challenge to begin with. I had to avoid bumping into the careless texter and even the senior citizens right in the middle of the sidewalk talking about there yesteryears. Even with Shoe Mart super mall, and by the way people over hear call it

The President

I am wondering whether both Presidents Obama and Aquino would share a pack of Marlboro in one corner while discussing their respective state of affairs.(",)  

Infrastructure as a Driver For Growth

Does the Aquino administration's pride regarding the country's GDP growth 7.2% for 2013 reflect the country's poor infrastructure? The Philippines may achieved the said positive growth rate however foreign direct investment of US$3.9 billion 2013 is no where close to US$13 billion and US$33 billion as FDI achieved by Vietnam and Thailand respectively. It is no wonder FDI investments in manufacturing due to poor infrastructure is low in the Philippines as compared to the high manufacturing activities going on with both the Asian neighbors. If and when the infrastructure is improved in the country, there is another issue of limiting foreign investors to 40% ownership. This is another issue that needs to addresses by the government. Rossano Salvosa Almonia MBA University Professor College of Business Administration Garment for Export Executive(25years) Sent from my iPhone

Tax to GDP Ratio Rises

The 13.3% ratio for 2013 compared to ratio of 12.9% year 2012 based om the collections made by the BIR and BOC looks bright . Comparing this tax collection achievement with other advanced and wealthy countries such as Sweden 54% ratio and Denmark 33% ratio, our revenue collection has a long way to go to achieve the same. The Swedes and the Danish must be feeling these high ratios given the high quality if life extended to them. This come to mind again a habitual question on " on where do the tax payer's money go"? There seems to be Mismatch between increased tax ratio and the quality of life of an ordinary citizen. Rossano Salvosa Almonia MBA University Professor Apparel Buyer / Production Sent from my iPhone

Ate Ne St. Peter Chapel

It's possible to have a live view of Ate Ne Check the links below Ate Ne Web: eburol-viewchapel Luzon Baguio Room6 username - chapel6 Password- delapena Rossano Salvosa Almonia MBA University Professor Apparel Buyer / Production Sent from my iPhone

My home made kimchi

If you cannot beat them join them I wonder how my Korean neighbors are without sweaters while I am freezing cold with my triple layer sweater. It must be the kimchi keeping them warm

Foolish Pride

Why don't you just get over with it and move on. Say your apologies, pay the families of the victims. For the sake of the people, this government cannot assume to provide much needed jobs. Kami ang boss mo! Rossano Salvosa Almonia MBA University Professor Apparel Buyer / Production Sent from my iPhone

Cold Front

Chicago during the Polar Vortex (Photo credit: akasped ) I have been monitoring the " polar vortex " that is presently swooping the US . So what is a polar vortex? According to Wikipedia definition "A polar vortex (also known as a polar cyclone, polar low, frigid twister, or a circumpolar whirl ) is a persistent, large-scale cyclone located near either of a planet's geographical poles . These cold-core low -pressure areas strengthen in the winter and weaken in the summer". Kennon Road near Camp 7, Baguio City with transport busses (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) I can quite relate as i presently live in a mountainous area where temperatures have recently dropped to 11 degrees Celsius . Though this is a far cry from the negative temperatures in the areas hit by the vortex. At 11 deg Celsius, i have to have at least three layers of garment and a pair of socks to keep me warm inside my home during the daytime. Having lived for about 16 years in vari

Mark Zuckerberg Is Worth ~$20 Billion — And He Drives This $30,000 Hatchback

And this is what i call very practical living..... Mark Zuckerberg Is Worth ~$20 Billion — And He Drives This $30,000 Hatchback

Pancit bihon

Lunch time break with my home cooked pancit with jimboh and eat bulaga on a Saturday afternoon

‘Infra spending must be 5% of GDP’

‘Infra spending must be 5% of GDP’ I  agree with some points raised.    - less talk and more action on the part of the government. The problem with today's lawmakers, everyone has their own bright ideas and there is too much talk everyday.    - more manufacturing jobs. I started working in a factory and continued to work as  part of top management with manufacturing concerns for some years in metro manila and continued the same path in various countries of assignment. It was in the year 2005 when i continued my career by working directly for traders, buyers and importers and continued working with supplier factories.   - strengthen the country's agriculture. Its a shame when basic food items produced locally are more expensive than imported food items from other countries.


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