Coffee Shop Life

Deep thoughts started, and he begins to think that there must be more meaning to life, while he takes a sip of his americano coffee at a nearby well known coffee shop, owned by a friendly 40 something Indian/Kenyan couple.

He starts to notice familiar faces and regular customers coming into the shop, mostly in their senior years from the city's upper class level.

Noticeable  to him are the customers struggling with their walking crutches helped out by wives and private nurses alight from their vehicles and finding their seat. The  coffee shop scene makes an impression in his mind,  these customers must be heart stroke survivors or terminally ill outpatients, as a result of excessive stress, health abuse and players of the rat race.

He begins to think if this could be the same direction that he is heading to, by working too hard and too much concerned about the future. For whatever it is worth, he begins to believe that there must be more meaning to life .

He then hears someone saying “how are you?”. A woman elegantly dressed in yellow, was standing in front of his coffee table and  he realized she is the same  wife and owner of the coffee shop whose husband recently passed away at the age of 48 years old, and now a young  widow. He tells her that he is sorry for her loss, and from the widow’s facial expression and hand gesture she seemed to be thinking of the same thoughts about life.

Let life take its natural course, stay calm, enjoy the now and stop worrying about the morrow, 
stay healthy, worry less about money , and  enjoy the  cup of life and the hot americano coffee....

Anything that costs you your inner peace is too expensive ..... Source: Power of Positivity

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