A Restless 2017 and Looking Forward for a Calmer 2018

Restlessness, the inability to relax or stay calm due to anxiety or boredom.

If you are one of those who have been under daily constant pressure both at work and at home for years, just because you may be as passionate with the constant desire to achieve and get ahead. The desire to compete with yourself and believe that you have been productive all your life.

There could be numerous reasons of why a person can have such a high level of drive and this is something very positive.

However, when the time comes when the end results are no longer meeting the high expectations, these can often lead to high anxiety.

Boredom  also strikes when the person starts to feel a sense of failure and unappreciated by the environment.

When anxiety and boredom becomes the norm, restlessness about any situation ignites and will eventually overshadow good judgement.

Learn to Let Go

Photo Credit : Power of Positivity

Learning to let go is like learning to ride the bicylce all over again, learning to balance life.

What can now be more important than to spend the time with the family, with the family dog and pursue your passion.

Friends and relatives of the same age are either having mild to severe heart stroke, having cancer of all sorts,  thanks to FB you are at the receiving end of these bad news updates and your account starts to become an Obituary account.

We only need three square meals a day, good health and a happy disposition in life.

"Money could not be everything"

Let it Go!

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