Why God Never Intended For Us To Fly Alone

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Dealing with Failures

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We all face failures in our lifetimes. Some have learned to take  failures as challenges and opportunities for growth, while some treat failures like it is the end of the world, and in extreme cases some would go to the extent of attempting of taking one's life.

No one is exempted from facing failures and we might as well learn on how to turn around over these failures and overcome.

I have personally witnessed  friends who have failed miserably, and turned these failures into victories, while some unfortunately gave up on their ambitions and succumbed to a negative mental state.

At a young age of 19, failures and challenges started knocking on my door.  Fast forward 36 years, i do not think i would be at my present status in life if i had given up on my dreams and let my personal  failures swallow my ambitions.

My journey started with a bus fare and one piece baggage, and travelled out of my comfort zone, leaving behind me my middle class parents and childhood friends. Every mile travelled represented the victories and the failures. I continue to move on with my journey and have travelled to far away continents.

I am always convinced that it is the "journey" that really matters and not the destination.

I face another  set of bigger challenges this year 2018,  my mind set has prepared me for any failures that will come my way. At the end of the day, i only need three square meals, my cup of coffee, my books, family and my pet Jimboh to keep moving on........


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Here are my top choices of Book Titles  that i would like to recommend for your further reading that will help to inspire you with your journey and cope with failure.

How to Fail at almost Everything and Still Win Big, by Scott Adams
Countless failures never stopped the creator of Dilbert . His experience with failures had taught him valuable insights on how to manage his strategies to achieve success.

Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones to Success, by Author John Maxwell
His books have filled up my home library and i love his ideas and insights about the subject on Failure.

I would strongly support a school curriculum starting from primary, that would include subjects on how to deal with failure.

27 Ways To Turn Life Setback's into Success, by Charles C Manz
A good read about facing and coping up  with Failure. The valuable insights and principles in this book are very timely for the young ones who are starting out in their journey.

Who is J.K. Rowling? by Pam Pollak, Meg Belviso
I enjoy reading about true to life autobiographies of self made people who at some point in their lives have hit rock bottom,  failures and challenges in their lives did not stop them from  turning around their fate and became successful.

J.K Rowling the author started her Harry Potter novel during her most trying times while taking care of her child and as a single mother. She had hit rock bottom with her failures and was about to give up. Her child became her inspiration to move on and pursue her writing career.


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