How to Win Friends and Influence People Self Help Book Review

If you are always hungry  for Self Improvement Books and Resource Materials , This book is one of  my All Time Favorite that is  also available in different formats ( Paperback, Hardcover, Audio Book , Kindle , MultiMedia CD's and Mass Market Paperbacks).

This self help book  authored by Dale Carnegie has helped me personally in  improving my social skills, in treating negative critisicms in a constructive manner, in developing my close relationships, on how to  positively approach conflicts within my work place and family life and learning to be an active listener during my conversations with all levels of people.

This book has also greatly helped me in my work as a Production & Operations Manager.  The nature of my work is exposed in a labor intensive environment that requires exemplary people skills and leadership skills which are essential management tools in building, leading, sustaining and movitating my working team.

I like paperback copies and I do enjoy creating my  book library shelves at home, i also do enjoy collecting books that i want to read in the future by storing these  in my book crates for future readings.

Whether its on paper back or with other forms of format it always your choice.

ENJOY  this good read

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