The Glorious Feeling of Being Fulfilled

The Glorious Feeling of Being Fulfilled

Whenever i get into a chance meeting  and say hello to a childhood friend,  to an aquaintance, to an old friend from the same industry,  to a schoolmate or  to a batchmate, either in person or by instant messaging, out of my habit and  my curiousity, i would always  tend ask how is he/she  doing in life and if these conversations would drag on , i would also ask of their future plans. I would gauge by their answers, whether that friend is experiencing " fulfillment in their lives" or not.

Lately i have had the chance to meet several friends and upon asking these friends of how life is treating them lately, most if not all their replies had  "no sense of fullfilment in life".

These replies makes me think deeper about my own self fulfillment and  gets me back to my resolve to do my best ,  to pursue my passion and at the end i can convince myself that i have  "fulfilled my dreams and it is indeed a glorious feeling"

I have always been curious about  fulfilled people and their achievements and also of people who seem to have lost their directions in life and understand the reasons behind. 

Pursue Your Passion, It is your own Sense of Fulfillment that really counts...

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