You may not be aware of it, but Achievement Oriented People like you at times, if not most of the time always strive for perfection in your daily life and at some point you forget that it is fine to make mistakes along the way.  

When frustrations strikes you, this makes it difficult for  you and for others around you.
Your lacking in idea of what the demands are in order to be perfect and you also tend to  recklessly under budget yourself with the difficulties that lie ahead in order to be perfect.

This is probably how you would look like when you are in a bad shape feeling stressed out just so because you have failed to perfect the task.

Photo Credit: Nik Shuliahin

However when you are able to properly grasp and objectively assess the difficulties of any task, the tendency is for you is not to panic ,  you stay calm and this allows you to progress.

Dont be too Hard on Yourself

  Therefore, stop being hard on yourself and  stop blaming yourself and look at the task and challenges objectively and always remember it is the daily progress that really matters

You would always prefer to be calm, confident and in control at all times in achieving your daily objectives.

Relax, all of Us including YOU are Not Perfect

Photo Credit: Ethan Hoover

I am sharing with you a 3 minute short video that can provide you good insights regarding Perfectionism.

 Problem with Perfectionism.

Video Credit: School of Life 

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