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Why God Never Intended For Us To Fly Alone

Your Daily Dose of  *Motivational Quote * Inspirational Quote* *Happy Life Quote * and Success Quote* t o help you through your day with a positive frame of mind. (This post contains Affiliate Links:  Visit the  Disclosure  Page for more details:) WHY GOD NEVER INTENDED FOR US TO FLY ALONE A famous quote coming from Adam R. Holz (Daily Bread Author) says; Together we stand firm when life's headwinds gust our way together . Does this quote resonate well with you? In 2020, We all have witnessed how nations like South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Denmark fought the global virus. We have watched how their government and people became united, and how they successfully achieved possible results despite life’s headwinds such as COVID-19 which took the lives of millions of people across the globe. We also observed how people from other nations played the blame game while the repercussions were just too enormous. A government system that was thought to be stabl


Why A Life Quote Nourishes   A life quote today that will help remind YOU of your life purpose, develop an unshakeable faith and find the true meaning of success. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The universe is neutral to your thought, decision, action and it responds back alike without any rectification or favoritism of vibes you radiate. Once you send positive vibes of love, help, happiness, and respect, then you will  attract  alike in a multiplicative way. Similarly, if you send negative vibes of hatred, anger, and jealousy then you will attract alike too. So, the choice is yours, what you  desire  to attract in your life. ~  Dhiraj Raj ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Have you tried shouting from the top of the mountain? Or from a wide empty space such as in a gymnasium? If you have not, try it and find out what happens. Design Credit: Rossano Salvosa Almonia When you are alone at the top of the mountain, or in an empty gymnasium? The same is true for YOU and the Universe. Not even


WHY DANCING DURING IS STORM AS A TOP LEADERSHIP TRAIT WERE YOU  SCARED TO DANCE? Where there times in the morning when you were hesitant to get up from your bed and get yourself ready for the day's work?  tackle your problems, difficulties, and challenges? Where you thinking about whether to just throw the day away and instead spend the rest of the daytime in bed? Was there any sense of fear or an excuse to escape from your responsibilities? Much worse did the thought of blaming others and circumstances in order to justify your not showing up? Much much worse, have you started the thought of quitting, throwing in the towel and start caring less? Much much much worse, have you thought of changing your plans and decided to pursue something less demanding? IF YOU DECIDE NOT TO  DANCE  If you silently said yes to all of the above, and you have decided not to dance in your storm by allowing your self-pride, and fear to take over, you may be setting yourself up fo