The Motivational Quote Daily

The Motivational Quote Daily

Our world is full of all the sad - bad - shocking - gruesome and disturbing news. The not so good part is, YOU encounter all these sad stories every day and from everywhere.

The bad news is ever present inside your pocket and bag where you keep your smartphones that contain your social network, instant messaging and news media apps. Out of habit, you check your smartphone multiple times whenever you have the chance during the day and before you shut off when going to bed in the evening. 

I know someone who keeps the smartphone under the pillow and will check the latest news even when awakened during the night. A very strange habit to my opinion.

A piece of advice, apply the principle of garbage in... garbage out.

Enough of the bad news and only digest the good information.

The best life quote, success quote, and motivational quote contained in this daily will help YOU get going and keep motivated.

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On this issue:
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18 Successful Entrepreneur Quotes to Keep You Motivated
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