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Motivational Quote:

“In the book of life, the answers are not in the back” Charles Schultz

This particular motivational quote from Charles M Schultz, talented creator of the Charlie Brown character had me think about its real meaning. I did find several interpretations, and nothing comes closer to the following that I have found with Google search.

“I think the quote means that if you don't take the more difficult way in life you will not have the life you want.”

Nothing really comes easy in this life. Life was not created in order to have a perfectly harmonious existence.

As a writer, I do have my ongoing personal challenges and so with YOU.

The short sighted will always be tempted to choose the easiest way out. The ones who would not will always stick around and go through any storm and discover the answers in the process.

Your life will always be full of challenges non-stop. But the best thing that could ever happen when you choose to look for the answers by facing life is, you become more resilient enough to face the next stop.

“Benevolence offers nothing specific, but everyone is drawn to it. It may appear to teach nothing, but because of it you learn”. (Inspired Stillness)

Do we continue to glorify a person that has achieved in turning a bankrupt company into a billion dollar company that made people associated with it financially rich, and has influenced the communication technology that has benefited most us? And on the hand, he was said to a rude individual that failed to show compassion to the people directly associated with him?

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