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Great minds discuss ideas, 
Average minds discuss events,
Small minds discuss people

As in the game of chess, both players are dead focused on their respective strategy in order to win. Every move counts.

It is true with the game of life. 

There are individuals that are, achievement oriented, concerned about the well being of the community, are sensitive to climate changes and with other social concerns, that these same individuals constantly think, seek and act upon their bright ideas.

The self made made men and women turned philanthropists that cares about giving back to the community that made these people wealthy.

The same people that will only discuss about bright ideas that will benefit humanity and careless about wasting time tweeting about people... 

"Be the contributor and not just the participant. Transform yourself first instead of waiting for the transformation in others. The change in you will lead to the change in many others. You first!"   ....Inspired Stillness

A couple that accumulated so much wealth that they had wanted to "return/give back" to the community. 

Hope you find time to watch this video and understand "why giving away our wealth has been most satisfying"

In this video, the couple had shared some of their bright ideas.

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