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Taking Risk,
Breaking Rules,
Making Mistakes,
Having Fun.....

Out of your own creativity, you are what you are today.

Because of your creativity, you were able to grow over these years.

As a creative person, you invented and improved the lives of the people around you.

Your passion for creativity has led you to take certain risks that affected your work and family life.

The creative instinct in you did not hinder you from experimenting on new things that were considered risky.

That creative talent that you developed over the years gave you the courage to break some rules.

Your mindset for continuous improvement and creativity had always made you a step wiser by taking responsibility and learning from your mistakes.

Finally, You are having the great time of your life and having fun.

"Repeating and spinning wheels of pain? There’s no gain, release yourself. If spinning you must then repeat what’s amazing about you, and everyone and everything around you. Everyone and everything around you!" (Inspired Stillness)

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