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Motivational Quote:
" Life is supposed to be difficult.
It's what enables us to grow.
Earth is not Heaven!"
.......Rick Warren

At times we think life is not fair. Just a week ago i lost someone very dear to me. My only loyal companion for close to 8 years.

These difficulties can bring us to our knees, depletes our energy, brings down the tears, not just tear drops but painful tears that takes away all the hope to move on and just care less about life.

How can the heavens take away someone that we dearly love?

For a week, i had stopped my usual daily routine and cared less about work.

After reading books and watching videos of encouragement, i started to pick up the pieces and understand that nothing and no one is going to stay in this world forever.

We move on with our journey of life while our departed loved ones that have crossed to a higher plane guides and stays with us. 

It is the love that makes that unbreakable connection and in the process we strive to become more responsible and better human beings.

Happy Life Quote:
"Real discipline is an expression of respect for life and for the self".
Inspired Stillness -

Success Quote: 
"If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
- Jim Rohn-

A Good Leader Knows How to Spend Time Wisely….

S H A P E   U P   Y O U R    L I F E

No one and No any challenging situation can stop you from achieving your full potential

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