Why God Never Intended For Us To Fly Alone

Your Daily Dose of  *Motivational Quote * Inspirational Quote* *Happy Life Quote * and Success Quote* t o help you through your day with a positive frame of mind. (This post contains Affiliate Links:  Visit the  Disclosure  Page for more details:) WHY GOD NEVER INTENDED FOR US TO FLY ALONE A famous quote coming from Adam R. Holz (Daily Bread Author) says; Together we stand firm when life's headwinds gust our way together . Does this quote resonate well with you? In 2020, We all have witnessed how nations like South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Denmark fought the global virus. We have watched how their government and people became united, and how they successfully achieved possible results despite life’s headwinds such as COVID-19 which took the lives of millions of people across the globe. We also observed how people from other nations played the blame game while the repercussions were just too enormous. A government system that was thought to be stabl



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To help you through your day with a positive frame of mind.

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Rely On Your Own Strength,
Instead of,
Somebody Else’s Compassion

…….Gary Halbert”

Strength according to webster definition means , the state of being strong, power to resist force or attack,

When applied in our daily lives, the ability to be in the state of strength can mean a big difference in achieving one’s goals or the ability to stay focused and consistent in spite of failures and obstacles that come along the way.

For those who took years to  climb the ladder of success and did not stop their ascend after many painful falls can easily relate well.

During your climb nobody really cares whether you succeed or fail. In the end it is only YOU and how you feel about the results of your climb Whether you leave this life contended or regretful is really all up to you only.

The self made people who have reached the top of their respective ladders would say, “  it is the journey that really matters and not the destination”.  This statement can be hard to grasp especially in times of turmoil and crisis.

However, success can be sweeter when confronted with too many stops and bumps along the way. I can easily vouch for this truth because i have had my own discouraging stopovers in my own climb.

Having to start with one luggage and a bus fare has led me to wonderful opportunities.

The crab mentality among people and especially from the ones that come from your own country are too glad to pull you down and celebrate your failures.

When you fail, you can be left alone to your defenses. Even from persons whom you had thought to be supportive are nowhere to be found. A forgotten being when  you are no longer able to provide food on the table, or of benefit to anyone.

The increasing number of the homeless is a good example. The once stable person who lost everything will know the true meaning of lack of compassion.

Loyalty  from family or friends seems to be a forgotten value, EXCEPT from our loyal PET companions  that stays with us through thick and thin.

Gary Halbert, a well known writer  has explained to one of his sons in his chapter 4  of his Boron Letters, the value of strength and the agony of one’s weakness while serving his time in prison.  

A weak convict  according to this writer, not only suffers from the lack of compassion from his cell mates but can also be a source of annoyance and burden.

All of us do our own climbing every day.

Strength versus Weakness, Which one do you prefer to carry with you during your climb?

Happy Life Quote:

"Real discipline is an expression of respect for life and for the self".
Inspired Stillness -

Success Quote: 
"If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
- Jim Rohn-

Great Ideas Infinite Possibilities

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