Why God Never Intended For Us To Fly Alone

Your Daily Dose of  *Motivational Quote * Inspirational Quote* *Happy Life Quote * and Success Quote* t o help you through your day with a positive frame of mind. (This post contains Affiliate Links:  Visit the  Disclosure  Page for more details:) WHY GOD NEVER INTENDED FOR US TO FLY ALONE A famous quote coming from Adam R. Holz (Daily Bread Author) says; Together we stand firm when life's headwinds gust our way together . Does this quote resonate well with you? In 2020, We all have witnessed how nations like South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Denmark fought the global virus. We have watched how their government and people became united, and how they successfully achieved possible results despite life’s headwinds such as COVID-19 which took the lives of millions of people across the globe. We also observed how people from other nations played the blame game while the repercussions were just too enormous. A government system that was thought to be stabl

Why Do Dog Lives Matter?


Your Daily Dose OF - Motivational Quote *Inspirational Quote *Happy Life QuoteSuccess Quote

To help you through your day with a positive frame of mind.

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Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail

…...by Kinky Friedman

As a grieving pet parent to my 8 years Shih Tzu old fur boy named Jimboh who had just crossed over last September 26, 2018, filled with much love and devotion, I had made it this year’s Christmas 2018 holiday without my beloved best friend for the first time in 8 years.

Just two days before Christmas day, I had decided to visit my parents' old house to visit nephews and nieces whom I have not seen for years and are now the present occupants of the said house since both parents have passed away decades ago.

I also had entertained the idea of adopting a pet dog that will need a warm home since I became aware of the miserable existence of the countless and loving fur babies.

Somehow I felt adoption can be more meaningful once I am again ready to devote my time and love for the second time instead of buying one from a pet breeder/shop. 

I also felt that my Jimboh who is always with me spiritually will be happy with the adoption option.

A pet psychic author based in the US who is gifted with communicating with pets that have passed on has been very helpful to me so that I can move on after the passing of my furbaby.

I can now say that losing a loved pet has provided me a unique experience that is totally different from losing both my parents, an elder sister, and brother, relatives, and friends.

I really had no immediate plans to visit my parent’s old house until on a particularly gloomy Sunday just before the eve of Christmas 2018.

I was descending the stairway leading to the main door of the house when I heard a persistent barking from a corner of the house coming from what seemed to be a covered cage. 

As I knocked on the door, I was greeted by a nephew and his family. As we all chatted about old times over a cup of black coffee, I could not avoid my asking about a dog that was persistently barking.

When my nephew brought in a very dirty and foul-smelling cage, I was too shocked to discover a very neglected one-year-old Yorkshire terrier that had lived inside the cage for a year since being left behind by another nephew that had migrated to another city.

There are no words to describe the state of the Yorkie that I do not have the courage to share his photo that I took just before grooming.

Since I was a grieving parent and very sensitive, I decided to rush him to the nearest pet groom shop with the consent of his handlers.

My heart bled to find the Yorkie in such a miserable state that I offered to adopt him that same day and forget my intention to rest for at least a year before having another furbaby.

Meet Charlie the Yorkie, (i decided to keep his original name). Charlie never left my side since meeting him that afternoon which was a big surprise to everyone.


Pets are gifted with abilities and can sense a human who can take care of them. I realized later on that Charlie never stopped barking to get my attention that afternoon and that could have been his one in a million chance to have a better life.

I also believe that the spirit of my Jimboh had led me to my parent's old house and had picked Charlie to be my next best friend and lifetime companion.

The spirit of Jimboh knew too well that I needed another furbaby like Charlie as much as Charlie needed a loving and responsible pet parent.

Jimboh's birthday falls on November 25, 2010, and Charlie's birthday falls on November 25,2017. My wedding anniversary falls on November 25, 2010.

I believe in destiny!. I am a firm believer that events in our lives happen for a reason and nothing happens by accident.

It has been about 4 months since I adopted Charlie the Yorkie and we both are going through the process of getting to know each other.

I look forward to spending many many years with Charlie with the help of Jimboh, whose spirit is always present in our lives.

I know too well that Jimboh is so happy that I found Charlie...

While Jimboh was wagging his tail for 8 years and it still is, Charlie has started to wag his tail as well (“,)...

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